In our search for the best ingredients we are committed to sourcing them from small, artisan producers, of local origin where possible or, in case of refined and selected specialities, imported from all around Italy (like sausages, salami, fregola and carasau bread from Sardinia, burrata from Puglia, smoked tuna from Sicily among others).

Using these carefully selected “raw materials”, Carlo and his team strive to prepare exceptionally tasty but simple food, vibrant Italian dishes beautifully presented and crafted with skilful hands.

As a result, Mora Restaurant’s menu offers a range of delicious and unpretentious dishes, a mix of Italian classic recipes and modern creations, with influences from all around Italy, although there is a particular emphasis on the cuisine of Sardinia, the region where Carlo originally comes from.

This is why our à la carte menu boasts Italian evergreen classics like melanzane alla parmigiana, pappardelle al ragu’ di cinghiale and tiramisù, as well as some traditional Sardinian dishes like malloreddus alla campidanese, fregola artigianale con carciofi e gamberi and seadas to name a few.

To let our chef express his creativity and allow our customers to try always new flavours, we also offer a set of specials, which we change regularly every week as advertised on the blackboard in the restaurant.