Fresh pasta and Italian delights

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Fresh Pasta

All our fresh pastas are handmade in small quantities. Tagliatelle, tagliolini and pappardelle are freshly made daily as part of our à la carte menu. We offer also our gnocchi, ravioli and tortelloni with different shapes and fillings in our weekly specials.

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Our Cuisine

Our à la carte menu offers some Italian classics like melanzane alla parmigiana, tagliolini cacio e pepe and tiramisù, as well as some traditional Sardinian dishes like malloreddus alla campidanese, fregola artigianale con bottarga e gamberetti and seadas.

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Our Wines

Our regular wine list offers a regional Italian selection of wines, all coming from small producers. We offer also a set of special wines every week, to share with our customers the best of our favourite Italian producers, who follow our ethos on quality and taste.

Mora Restaurant dishes and drinks

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